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Domyślnie TITLE MMA Instructional DVD Series / Filmy instruktażowe dotyczące MMA (8xDVD)

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World class trainer and fighter, Duke Roufus, and UFC vet/ Jiu Jitsu black belt Eric "Red" Schafer have been at the top level of MMA, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, instructing, and wrestling for many years. What you will learn from this video will help advance and master your MMA game . . . guaranteed.
DVD #1: Boxing For MMA

Every MMA fight starts and progresses on your feet. Duke Roufus and Red will teach you everything you need to master the MMA boxing stance, offensive and defensive drills, MMA boxing sparring and much more. Duke will help you bring sharp striking and effective defense into your MMA game. As well as instruct you on:
  • Stance and Range
  • Hand Combo One
  • Hand Combo Two
  • Defensive Drills
  • Plumming
  • Sparring For MMA

DVD #2: Striking For MMA

In this video Duke Roufus will teach you the exact same techniques he teaches to all of his top level cage fighters. Training and fighting the world over since he was a kid, Duke demonstrates the strikes he mastered in his decorated career. He will show you basic Thai strikes, martial arts strikes, kickboxing strikes, even flying knees. Increase your offensive arsenal with experienced and explosive strikes that will dominate opponents with:
  • Thai Clinch
  • Knee Strike
  • Combo's 1-2 Knee
  • Flying Knee
  • Thai Pummel Drill
  • Sparring

DVD #3: Wrestling For MMA

World Class trainer and fighter, Duke Roufus, along with UFC veteran Eric "Red" Schaffer team up to teach you the essentials of wrestling for MMA. Learn a myriad of takedowns, shoots and strikes, as well as defending the takedowns. An essential video for every athlete who aspires to win in the cage. Take your wrestling skills to the next level and win.
  • Enter The Clinch
  • Clinch Up
  • Single Leg From Clinch
  • 1-2 double leg takedown
  • Intro To Sprawling
  • Sprawl-Snapdown-Front Headlock

DVD #4: Grappling For MMA - Top Position

Eric "Red" Schafer effectively demonstrates superior ground and pound strikes, proven top position control techniques that have won fights throughout his entire career. Red will take you from the takedown, through the top mount, to the ground and pound, and much more to help you master your opponent, create damage and win fights as well as cover:
  • Intro To Ground and Pound (Posture)
  • Ground and Pound Pass
  • Opponent Rolls
  • Side Control
  • Pass From Side Mount
  • Mount

DVD #5: Grappling For MMA - Guard Position

Eric "Red" Schafer professionally demonstrates how to be on the offense from the guard position. You will learn to be effective with submissions like the kimura and guillotine while still on the defensive. Every fighter experiences extensive periods in training and fights on the bottom. Red will teach you how to stay in control of the fight and to successfully reverse your fortunes with sweeps and escapes to get back in the dominant position. These techniques include:
  • Breaking Posture and Control
  • Stand Up In Base Escape
  • Kimura
  • Guillotine
  • Rotate Head From Cage
  • Defense Against Standing
  • Ground and Pound

DVD #6: Preparation For MMA

Duke Roufus and Eric "Red" Schafer will guide you through fight preparations starting with a six-week-out training camp. For every trainer, fighter and coach involved in the fight game, this video is a must have. With more than 200 fights between them, these MMA veterans have prepared for countless battles and made it second nature. Discover the mental and physical edge to gain the advantage and win fights. This video includes detailed descriptions on:
  • Organizing Your Fight Training
  • Weeks 1-2
  • Weeks 2-4
  • Weeks 5-6
  • Cutting Weight

DVD #7: Conditioning For MMA

Noted national trainer and professional fighter, Duke Roufus and Eric "Red" Schafer guide you through life in an MMA conditioning practice. Sport specific striking, Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling drills will help prepare you as a fighter and a coach to give you the cardio edge and explosive energy to dominate in the cage. Conditioning is more than half the battle. Learn to prepare properly and win with these techniques:
  • Stretches
  • Striking Drills
  • Wrestling Drills

DVD #8: MMA Fight Night

Professional fighter and trainer, Duke Roufus, along with fellow professional Eric "Red" Schafer get you fully prepared, focused and ready for the fight. Learn the inner secrets of wrapping hands specifically to protect the most viable assets - your hands - for MMA combat. Duke will show you in specific detail and illustration how to keep your hands protected, legal and power packed for the cage. Discover the professional trainers' and fighters' perspective and inner knowledge on how to correctly corner a fighter and properly get the most out of the short break between rounds as well as:
  • TITLE Trainer's Kit
  • Fight Gloves and Equipment
  • Arrival Time
  • Pre-Fight Warm Up
  • And Much More


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